The Pilates Method

This revolutionary exercise programme takes its name from its inventor,  Joseph Hubertus Pilates, whose brilliant insights gave birth to the method, a method that has strongly contributed to the current concept of movement and functional training.

Developed on the basis of six fundamental principles – and therefore on the synergy of mind and body at work as the only dynamic and well-functioning entity – the Pilates method makes the person aware of their body in stillness and in movement, improving their psychophysical balance and general well-being.

The constant and conscious involvement of deep muscles strengthens the body’s Powerhouse, provides great support for the spine, promotes correct posture, and gives grace and balance.

With only two weekly lessons – free body Matwork or with the help of large apparatus – the Pilates method guarantees an efficient body, slender legs, a flat stomach and significant lymphatic drainage.

Despite the fact that it is the discipline most practiced by the stars, who for years have testified to its effectiveness and benefits, its diffusion nowadays is across the board, because it is well suited to contemporary needs and lifestyle, working fast to build a beautiful and functional body.