Pilates Barre work

Pilates meets dance. The term Barre comes from the bar used as a support in classical dance classes. Modern Barre training techniques date back to Lotte Berk.

The class takes place first part at the Barre – movements particular to classical dance, which aim to improve circulation and oxygenation in all the muscle areas, prepare the joints adequately and activate the muscles of the lower limbs – Pilates exercises revisited standing and Matwork protocols for reinforcing the powerhouse.

The Barre class is perfect for those looking for better posture as well as a noticeable and rapid increase in the muscle tone of the legs and buttocks, without stagnation of liquids.

We suggest two weekly lessons or one to be done alongside other Pilates classes. There is no age limit.

Two different protocols: classic and dynamic

Pilates choreography

Coordination, balance, joint mobility, flexibility and muscle tone.

The Matwork exercises, connected in fluid motor arrangements, create real choreographic sequences with music.

Energetic, functional and effective classes that free the mind and build the body of a dancer.

Suitable for anyone who already has experience with Matwork and wants to challenge their motor skills through high intensity training.

We suggest a weekly class to be done alongside other Pilates classes.

Esse Pilates Barre

The class includes a first part at the bar with movements peculiar to classical dance, which improve the circulatory function and oxygenation of all muscle districts. 

Matwork protocols for powerhouse reinforcement integrate the workout. 

The fusion with pilates allows you to tone legs and buttocks without the need to be experienced dancers.

The Barre workout also enhances posture and balance.

Barre enhances flexibility, balance, and posture through targeted muscle reinforcement. Lymphatic circulation benefits from the very first lessons, and an improved proprioception – awareness of one’s body in relation to its body segments and the external environment – is immediately appreciated.

The Barre class also significantly increases muscle tone in the legs and buttocks, as well as the Body Mass Index (BMI) – the ratio of fat mass to lean mass. It is not just a workout suitable for toning but is also extremely effective in enhancing coordination, harmony, and sensuality in movements.