My work today

Silvia Tozzi & Lostudioesse

Today my work could not exist without a scientific approach and consistent collaboration with doctors and specialists. I believe strongly in specialisation and in a broad vision, which takes the person as a whole into account.

I follow the same criterion in the difficult selection of my collaborators, whose pre-requisite is a Degree in Motor Sciences or Physiotherapy.

Silvia Tozzi Marchi

The energetic way in which my clients absorb novelty, sometimes demonstrating a real act of faith in following what is suggested to them,

the results then objectively obtained, regardless of age and sex, serve

as a positive reinforcement, ensuring a high rate of loyalty.

A curious fact is the constant increase in the turnout of men in a setting commonly thought of as female. From this point of view, I like to think I have contributed to breaking this taboo.

Still today, people who focus their physical activity on acquiring toned buttocks, a flat stomach and slender thighs turn up at Lostudioesse, others are curious about by Pilates rather than Gyrotonic because it is practiced and advertised by some star.

My goal is instead to make them understand the harmony of the whole, the beauty of a straight back, of correct posture, of an effective, efficient body, free from the pain that comes from misalignment and low muscle tone.

My work does not follow what is fashionable. My now profound knowledge of the human body in stillness and in the movement related to it allows me to understand the important contribution of each of the disciplines I teach, as well as their limits, and to make them functional to the needs of each individual.

Experience leads me to direct each person towards what is most fitting for them, and then periodically review this path.

If in the future innovative techniques appear, supported by scientific studies, I will, as always, be ready to welcome them!