Springboard Pilates

Designed by the teacher Ellie Herman, the Springboard is a trimmed down version of the Cadillac. The student’s autonomous management of the Springboard means you can perform almost the entire Cadillac exercise protocol in the classroom (up to 7 people), through fluid, energetic and fun sequences.

The Springboard is very effective in postural and functional re-education as well as in toning, in particular of the lower and upper limbs.

We suggest two lessons a week or one to be done alongside other Pilates classes. There is no age limit.

Why choose Springboard Pilates

The Springboard consists in a vertical panel with springs, foot bar, roll bar and pushthrough. The springs offer different strengths and allow a wide range of exercises that aim for strength, flexibility and stabilization.

Pilates Springboard balances the posture and promotes awareness. The variable resistance of the springs makes the machine adaptable to individual needs and different fitness levels.

With Pilates Springboard the training possibilities are multiple and, despite different focus, always involve all muscle districts: specific exercises for the upper and lower body, for abdominal muscles,  for the legs, exercises for flexibility. The protocols with Springboard can be customized to suit the specific needs and objectives of each individual: pre-partum, antalgic, osteoporosis.

Pilates Springboard, and the Method more generally, emphasizes the importance of correct posture and controlled breathing. These aspects are essential to achieve effective results and to prevent injuries. 

Who is Springboard Pilates for

Springboard Pilates is, therefore, a structure specially designed to improve the strength, flexibility and stability of the body. 

It is great for those looking for a complete workout that focuses not only on fitness but also on health and awareness. 

The versatility of the tool allows you to adapt a wide range of exercises to the needs of anyone who practices it, whether it is beginner or advenced, whether the requests are aesthetic or functional.