Atelier Manifattura Tabacchi

The twin of the now well-established Atelier degli Artisti in Via dei Della Robbia, Atelier Manifattura Tabacchi is the second studio signed by LOSTUDIOESSE in the Florentine metropolitan area.

A synonym for excellence and professionalism for over a decade, the brand relies on a team of professionals carefully selected by the technical manager, Silvia Tozzi, a kinesiologist and posturologist, as well as a contract lecturer at the University of Florence.

Agnese, Barbara, Giulia, and Martina constantly keep up with updates in each of the disciplines offered by the center, guiding those who turn to Atelier Manifattura Tabacchi to structure personalized paths. The teaching methodology of the instructors is shared and follows common protocols aimed at the well-being of body and mind.

The class schedules are designed to ensure continuity during peak times and offer a multidisciplinary approach: Pilates, Yoga, Hypopressive, Barre, X|ESSE, and Gyrokinesis are available at three different times of the day to allow users to recharge their energy after long working days.

Every day, it is possible to attend classes, small group workouts on the Reformer, or turn to a Personal Trainer for individual workouts.

The possibility to explore the various teachings offered independently through the LOSTUDIOESSE App ensures students the creation of a dynamic network. At the core of our community idea is constant dialogue with the cultural and artisanal hub in which it is inserted, organizing outdoor appointments, retreats, dinners, and exclusive events.

The redevelopment of the former tobacco factory

Entering the majestic entrance of Manifattura Tabacchi is like plunging into the heart of the typical melting pot of a large modern metropolis.

Born on the ruins of an abandoned building, the complex today represents an intelligent architectural redevelopment that reinterprets the rationalist structure of the 1930s, originally designed by Giovanni Bartoli and Pier Luigi Nervi.

Immediately capturing attention are the sloping fronds descending from Officina Botanica: a true suspended garden that overlooks the Factory. Here, groups of various plants seem to want to reclaim the reddish walls of the large building, dominated by a bright neon sign that leaves no doubt: we are facing a successful project capable of reintegrating into the social and urban fabric of the city.

It is within this framework that LOSTUDIOESSE fits in with its new Atelier Manifattura Tabacchi, created to offer a wide variety of disciplines in an area of Florence that has finally regained new vitality.

The studio embraces the new concept with which the spaces of the former Florentine factory have been designed, aiming to facilitate a new model of living and building sociality, where common spaces merge to give life to a stable community of contemporary creatives and makers.