Gyrotonic Expansion System®

Juliu Horvath‘s working protocols consciously integrate the key principles of dance, yoga, Tai Chi, swimming and other disciplines with the most up to date movement sciences, managing to simultaneously involve muscles tendons , ligaments and joints.

They make it possible to lengthen and strengthen the muscles at the same time, increase the mobility and elasticity of the entire musculoskeletal system, improve neuromuscular coordination and increase the functional capacity of the whole organism harmoniously, realizing many benefits.

The Gyrotonic Expansion System® is therefore ideal for developing the physical potential of athletes and dancers; in the fields of preventive rehabilitation, and rehabilitation and physiotherapy; and is well suited to people of any age, responding thoroughly to postural, functional or aesthetic demands.

Horvart’s technique leads to a greater awareness of body perception and consequently to improved psychophysical balance. It is therefore recommended for anyone who understands physical well-being as an inseparable union of body and mind.