Matwork Pilates

In Matwork, literally working on a mat, it is the body itself, with the force of gravity, that is the training medium and with which we are able to attain aesthetic and functional benefits without increasing muscle mass.

Among the small tools, used as teaching support – to facilitate understanding of the body in space and the correct execution of the exercises, to diversify the routine and make the training more intense and dynamic – are the magic circle, softballs, foam rollers, resistance bands and barrels.This class is suitable for those who want a harmonious silhouette, to improve general muscle tone, in particular that of the abdomen, legs and buttocks.

We suggest two weekly lessons or one to be done alongside other Pilates classes. There is no age limit.

Why choose Matwork Pilates

Pilates Matwork is a discipline that focuses on improving strength, flexibility, posture and core stability.

Pilates Matwork has become extremely popular all over the world thanks to its effectiveness in creating a strong and flexible body.
Here are some key elements that characterize Pilates Matwork:

  • Control and Precision: Pilates Matwork requires a high degree of movement control. Exercises are performed slowly, with attention to technique. This approach aims to reduce the risk of injuries.
  • Breathing: Breathing plays a fundamental role in Pilates Matwork. With practice you learn to coordinate breathing with movements, thus helping to improve the effectiveness of exercises.
  • Core Stabilization: Most Pilates Matwork exercises focus on core strength and stability, which includes abdominal, lumbar and pelvic muscles. This central part of the body is strengthened gradually and completely, improving posture and preventing back pain.
  • Flexibility and Strength: Matwork offers a balanced training between strength exercises and flexibility. While developing strength and muscle tone, it also works to improve the amplitude of movements and joint flexibility.
  • Adaptability: It is suitable for people of different ages and fitness. The exercises can be modified to suit individual needs, making this discipline accessible to anyone.

In addition to improving fitness, Pilates Matwork promotes greater awareness, reduces stress and prevents musculoskeletal pain.

LOSTUDIOESSE, thanks to a team of kinesiologists and posturologists, guarantees a proven and effective teaching methodology to achieve the desired objectives.

Why it's important to stabilize the core:

During the exercises to stabilize the core it is important to maintain a constant commitment of the abdominal, lumbar and pelvic muscles. This effort stabilizes the spine and creates a solid foundation for the movements of the limbs.

Also the pelvis plays a fundamental role in the stability of the core: through exercises of proprioception and stabilization of the pelvis, awareness and lumbar stability are improved.
As already mentioned, breathing is closely coordinated with exercises. 

During the inhalation the body is often prepared for a movement, while the exhalation activates the core to assist and control the movement itself.
In Pilates Matwork the exercises to stabilize the core can vary in complexity and intensity.