Artists' Atelier

A long tree-lined avenue, like an unexpected gift in the midst of the city, leads to a green gate: the entrance to Lostudioesse.

The Studio, a creation of Silvia Tozzi, is located just a few steps from the historic center of Florence, in the artists’ quarter, on the top floor of a building with the typical architectural structure of the early 1900s. The large windows were designed to allow the incident light to enter the painters’ canvases until late afternoon. The views opening onto small urban gardens, delightful as they are unexpected, give an atmosphere full of light and warmth to the entire environment.

The gate that separates from the entrance on Via dei Della Robbia marks a sort of watershed, a break with what we have left behind and prepares us to immerse ourselves in a new dimension. From the garden, looking up, you immediately see the installation of the backlit LOSTUDIOESSE logo, a work by the artist Michele Chiossi (2013) www.michelechiossi.com. Climbing the stairs, on the landing, the imposing sculpture “The Blue Guardian” by the Cracking Art Group (2010) www.crackingart.com, awaits us mockingly, now becoming one of the symbols of Lostudioesse.

The choice of all-encompassing beauty is a conscious decision that creates the harmony necessary to work on ourselves.

Cracking Art Group

THE BLUE GUARDIAN, 2010 recycled plastic


The first word that comes to mind to describe the atmosphere of the studio. A constant exchange between those finishing a lesson and those about to start a new one, in a kind of succession without disruptions. It’s the type of welcome that never leads to subordination and never becomes a competition.

People meet at a relaxed pace, chatting while sipping herbal tea in the self-managed dedicated space, but then the lesson begins, and there’s no more joking around.


Lessons take place throughout the day, during various time slots. They are arranged with the teacher based on the ones most suitable for our commitments and in relation to the discipline suitable for our needs and goals.

The teachers have degrees in Sports Sciences and are specialized in all the disciplines they teach. The classes—divided by skill level and often designed to encourage integration and interaction among participants—are extremely technical but also relaxed and fun. By improving our ability to focus on correct posture and exercise execution, we learn a constantly new way of training.


It’s continuous, involving technical, emotional, and relational skills. Attending the studio is an opportunity to authentically connect with one’s own body and with others.

There’s a phrase that has now become a slogan and playfully hovers among the newcomers: Lostudioesse changes your life and your waistline!

                                                                                    Dorotea Morabito