Vinyāsa Yoga & meditation

Vinyāsa is a generic Sanskrit term referring to the transition between two different positions.

This is a fluid and dynamic class in which the asana poses of traditional yoga – in coordination with pranayama breathing – follow one another continuously and swiftly, through specific transitions, creating more or less complex sequences and new classes.

Also called meditation in movement, Vinyāsa Yoga gives us the opportunity to acquire many psychophysical benefits, among them an increase in strength and muscular endurance, mobility, flexibility, together with greater powers of concentration and management of stress.

This practice is recommended for those looking for a class in which movement and meditation have a common space and who enjoy testing and overcoming their physical and mental limitations.

We suggest 2 lessons a week, or 1 alongside the practice of other disciplines.

Why choose Vinyāsa Yoga:

In Vinyāsa Yoga is often practiced Pranayama, a sound breathing technique that involves a deep breath through the nose and a restriction of air flow with the throat. This helps to create a regular rhythm and leads to a greater awareness of breathing during practice.

It is important, for those who practice this discipline, keep in mind that Vinyāsa Yoga goes beyond the simple sequence of asanas: the discipline teaches the art of mindfulness through movement, allowing the practitioner to connect in a new way with his body and with his breath.

Its history and meaning make it an excellent choice for those looking for a dynamic and transformative yoga.