Reformer Pilates

Initially known as the Universal Reformer, it is the most well-known and used tool in the Pilates Method.

Its use is widespread, first because it is possibile to alter the resistance involved – consisting of body weight and the leverage of the springs – based on individual anthropometric characteristics, and second, it has a great variety of possible protocols.

The exercise programme, in fact, multiplies the possibilities of joint and muscular involvement, in relation to individual needs, ranging from work with the spinal column in release to an intense workout involving the movement of all muscle groups.

Flexibility, tone and muscle strengthening, in particular of the Powerhouse, are achievable in a short time with constant practice using the Reformer.

We suggest two lessons a week or one to be done alongside another Pilates class. There is no age limit.

Why choose Reformer Pilates

The Reformer, the most common tool of the Pilates Method, is represented by a bed equipped with springs and cables that offer variable resistance.

Endurance can be adapted to meet individual needs and progressively challenge the muscles of the powerhouse. By changing the resistance it is possible to increase or decrease the intensity of the exercises.

The Reformer offers a wide range of exercises designed to engage the muscles of the central area of the body and improve strength, stability and control.

Every protocol of exercises, in fact, calls into question the body in your totality. Although the focus can vary from one muscle district to another, the muscles of the powerhouse link are always involved.

Training on the Reformer promotes postural awareness and alignment during exercises, reducing the risk of musculoskeletal injury.

Almost all the exercises on the Reformer involve the muscles in stretching, helping to improve their flexibility, important to obtain fluidity in movements and avoid compensatory tensions.

Big Barrel

The Big Barrel, literally a large barrel with its hemicylindrical shape, does an excellent job of mobilising the spine and stabilising the joints through a whole body approach capable of involving all muscle chains.

We suggest a weekly lesson to be done alongside other Pilates classes.