Designed by Juliu Horvath in the 1980s as the free body version of the technique, the Gyrotonic Expansion System uses equipment designed specifically to perform circular, fluid and continuous movements that respect individual freedom of movement, speed and versatility.

The technique, based on a holistic concept of movement, considers the body as a functional unit, the axis of which is the spine.

The undulating and spiralling movements – performed rhythmically and coordinated with corresponding breathing patterns – improve the mobility and functionality of the spine, as well as that of the organs related to it, emphasize both the two-dimensional and three-dimensional movement of each joint, without creating compression inside it.

Breathing, synchronised and modified for each exercise, provokes cardiovascular rhythms – delicate or vigorous in relation to the intensity and speed of execution – able to stimulate the nervous, cardiovascular and lymphatic systems, to increase lung capacity and physical endurance and eliminate waste and toxins.

Why choose


Known worldwide as a method that improves the functional capacities of the whole organism in a harmonious way, thanks to special equipment with constant resistance, Gyrotonic® facilitates the learning of the three-dimensional and circular movement according to principles of fluidity, continuity and freedom particular to the technique itself.

The Pulley Tower, the first apparatus designed by Horvat, is undoubtedly the most popular, for its versatility and for the great variety of protocols, designed for different needs and for all levels of physical readiness.

Gyrotonic® promotes correct posture and balance, and increases neuromuscular coordination. It improves the spine’s functional capacity, making it strong, resistant and flexible.

It structures a beautiful, toned, nimble and flexible body with a strong and elongate musculature.

We suggest 2 sessions a week, in a private class or in a class of 2 or 3, or 1 class to be done alongside 1 class of Gyrokinesis®.