Designed by Juliu Horvath negli anni ’80 in the 1980s as the free body version of the technique GYROKINESIS®, the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® method uses equipment designed specifically to perform circular, fluid and continuous movements that respect individual freedom of movement, speed and versatility.

The technique, based on a holistic concept of movement, considers the body as a functional unit, the axis of which is the spine.
The undulating and spiralling movements – performed rhythmically and coordinated with corresponding breathing patterns – improve the mobility and functionality of the spine, as well as that of the organs related to it, emphasize both the two-dimensional and three-dimensional movement of each joint, without creating compression inside it.

Juliu Horvath’s working protocols offer similar benefits also derived from dance, yoga, Tai Chi, swimming and other disciplines with the most up to date movement sciences, managing to simultaneously involve muscles tendons , ligaments and joints. They make it possible to lengthen and strengthen the muscles at the same time, increase the mobility and elasticity of the entire musculoskeletal system, improve neuromuscular coordination and increase the functional capacity of the whole organism harmoniously, realizing many benefits.

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La respirazione, sincronizzata e differenziata per ogni esercizio, induce ritmi cardiovascolari – delicati o vigorosi in relazione alla intensità e alla velocità di esecuzione – in grado di stimolare i sistemi nervoso, cardiocircolatorio e linfatico, di aumentare la capacità polmonare e la resistenza fisica, di eliminare scorie e tossine.

Il GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® risulta quindi ideale per sviluppare le potenzialità fisiche di atleti e ballerini, trova applicazione in ambito preventivo-rieducativo, riabilitativo e fisioterapico e si adatta bene alle persone di qualsiasi età rispondendo, altresì esaustivamente, a richieste di tipo posturale, funzionale ed estetico.

La pratica di questa poliedrica disciplina porta ad una maggiore consapevolezza della percezione corporea e di conseguenza ad un migliore equilibrio psicofisico. È quindi consigliata a chiunque intenda il benessere fisico come connubio inscindibile tra corpo e mente.


Known worldwide as a method that improves the functional capacities of the whole organism in a harmonious way, thanks to special equipment with constant resistance, GYROTONIC® facilitates the learning of the three-dimensional and circular movement according to principles of fluidity, continuity and freedom particular to the technique itself.
The Pulley Tower, the first apparatus designed by Horvath, is undoubtedly the most popular, for its versatility and for the great variety of protocols, designed for different needs and for all levels of physical readiness.

GYROTONIC® exercise promotes correct posture and balance, and increases neuromuscular coordination. It improves the spine’s functional capacity, making it strong, resistant and flexible.
It structures a beautiful, toned, nimble and flexible body with a strong and elongate musculature.

We suggest two sessions a week, in a private class or in a class of two or three, or one class can be done alongside one GYROKINESIS® class.


The principles of circularity, fluidity and continuityof movement are enhanced by the free body version of the technique through rhythmic sequences that make it very close to dance. The combination of undulating and spiralling movements involves the body as a whole, paying particular attention to the spine and its multiple possibilities of movement.

The classes, born out of the idea of ​​movement as self-massage, the awakening of the senses, begin on a stool with the awakening of every single part of the body and with the mobilisation of the spine and pelvic area. In a centrifugal way all the joints become involved, continuing the lesson standing and on the mat.

We suggest two classes a week or o alongside a GYROTONIC® class.

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