Is it possible to have a trial lesson?

  • The studio does not offer trial lessons. However, new users have the option to purchase Onboarding 2×1, which includes two classes for the price of one for those who have never attended our classes.


What types of lessons do you offer?

  • Our studio offers Classes, Small Group and Personal Training.


Are there different levels for the various lessons?

  • Yes, for most disciplines, there are different levels of difficulty and intensity.


What do I need to attend the studio?

  • Very few things are needed: willingness, a pair of socks, leggings or comfortable pants, a shirt, and a small towel (or sarong) for hygiene reasons. We provide the mat.


Is a medical certificate required?

  • Yes, users are required to present a medical certificate for non-competitive sports activities, confirming the recent viewing of an electrocardiogram (ECG) (valid for 12 months).


What subscription options are available for attending the studio?

  • Flex class packages or recurring Memberships are available. Contact our reception during opening hours for more information.


Is a reservation necessary to participate in classes?

  • Yes. Access to all LOSTUDIOESSE services is by reservation, made at least 24, 12, or 6 hours in advance of the start of the lesson, depending on the type of service purchased. Reservations can be made through our App, available on both the Apple Store and Google Play.


Is cancellation necessary if I cannot attend a booked lesson?

  • Yes, reservations can be modified up to 24, 12, or 6 hours before the lesson, depending on the type of service purchased. If you cannot attend a lesson or appointment, please cancel your reservation within the specified time to avoid losing the class.


Can I have a personalized training program?

  • Upon registration, your program will be personalized, whether you choose to train in class or with a personal trainer.


Can I attend private lessons?

  • Certainly. Our Personal Path service allows you to access a private assessment with one of our trainers, who will structure the best program tailored specifically to you based on your goals and needs.


Is installment payment available?

  • Installment payment is not available as our subscriptions are already considered installment plans. Our studio does not offer annual subscriptions.


Can I suspend my subscription?

  • It is not possible to suspend the subscription under any circumstances. The only exceptions are pregnancy or hospitalization.


I can no longer attend the studio and/or classes. Can I transfer my subscription to a family member or friend?

  • It is not possible. All studio subscriptions are strictly personal and cannot be transferred to third parties.


If I fall ill after the 24, 12, or 6 hours before the lesson, can I make up for the absence?

  • In case of failure to cancel a lesson, unfortunately, it is not possible to make up for the absence, and the lesson is considered attended.