pre- e post-partum

I. prepartum

Lostudioesse™ has specific multidisciplinary protocols for pregnant women who have always practiced physical exercise and who have regular physiological parameters.
At the end of the first trimester, with the agreement of their doctor, women can resume their usual classes, following the directions and modifications to the exercises indicated by the teacher.
For sedentary women, or those with changed physiological parameters, it is advisable to start physical activity immediately in the postpartum period, after having consulted their doctor.

Individual or small group lessons.

II. postpartum

Since 2012 Lostudioesse™ has been using Hypopressive Techniques (HT) as an exclusive methodology in the postpartum period.
Abdominal Hypopressive Gymnastics (AHG) and Functional Systemic Reprogramming (FSR) are currently the only effective disciplines in the functional recovery of the pelvic floor and the core – including in cases of prolapse, hernia and
 abdominal diastasis recti.
This methodology guarantees excellent results in the re-education of posture altered during pregnancy, in significant drainage of excess fluids accumulated during the gestational period, and in promoting the recovery of sexual functions.

Individual or small group lessons.

With the positive assessment of functional recovery, the discipline suitable to achieve objectives, such as the aesthetic, is included in the training protocol.

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