Lostudioesse welcomes women of all ages to a dedicated space, giving them the opportunity to take care of themselves, exchange ideas and recharge their batteries.

The practice of our disciplines encourages the achievement and maintenance of the ideal physical shape, in terms of harmony, beauty, elegance and efficiency.

Correct postural structure, joint mobility, flexibility and a toned musculature confer on women a feminine and graceful bearing and slender appearance.

The disciplines taught in the studio guarantee a significant stimulation of the circulation of the blood which, together with a specific action on the deep muscles, increases the basal metabolic rate, contributing to the maintenance of weight and shape, lymphatic drainage and reduction of the waistline.

With the menopause, the practice of our techniques maintains the flexibility of the spine, preventing the onset of pain and stiffness, and improves the function of the pelvic floor and the core muscles. Practising the techniques regularly optimises body composition (% of lean body mass, fat, bones and water) and counteracts the physiological effects of menopausal hormonal changes, such as the loss of calcium in the bones, the accumulation of fat on the hips and abdomen, and the decrease in sexual desire.

Individual or small group lessons.