Odaka Yoga®

Odaka Yoga® is an innovative style of yoga with over thirty years of experimental research. 

The method Odaka has its inspiration from the observation of the motion of the ocean and its waves, where in merging the Bushido (the way of the warrior), zen and yoga, the principles of transformation, adaptability and interior strength are expressed physically and emotionally. 

The natural rhythm of the ocean waves are emulated during an Odaka Yoga® practice in order to acquire the yielding nature of the water. Biomechanics and fluid movement of the Odaka Warrior allows one to live centered in the middle of chaos.

The lessons of Odaka Yoga are carried out with a “liquid” style, through the meeting of the flow of inner energy that comes from the practice of martial arts combined with the Zen spirit of mental peace.

Two weekly lessons are recommended or one to be integrated with other classes. There are no age limits.

Why choose Odaka Yoga®

Odaka Yoga helps to re-educate the body, creating movements that awaken the body’s intelligence in its integrity and specific sequences for different areas of the body. The practice acts on postural alignment, preventing injuries and pain in muscle, skeletal and tissue, and activating the muscles in a balanced and functional movement, which strengthens and stretches the muscles.

Europe, USA, Australia, India, Japan, Canada, China, Korea and many others, are seventeen countries where Odaka Yoga is practiced, over seventy schools in the world, or hundreds of teachers who practice it.

It is thanks to the growing demand that Odaka has become a real community, aimed at spreading a universal approach to create an international network of events and possibilities.

Odaka Yoga is a style of contemporary yoga, born from an innovative and original conception of Roberto Milletti (Sensei) and Francesca Cassia (Niji), in the deep respect of the millennial tradition of yoga.

A wide-ranging approach that embodies the flow of life with awareness, joy and inner strength. The Odaka philosophy is to live and share the practice of yoga inside and outside the mat, creating synergy and synchronicity, while promoting awareness and ecology in respect of every living creature.

Each position creates space for a dialogue with our deepest fears and offers the possibility to overcome them. Odaka Yoga flow allows us to “merge with our body until we become liquid”. During the movement we feel a feeling of freedom and the ability to transform every limit so that we discover new “forms” within us. Water creates strength in its continuous flow. Flowing water never stagnates. In its movement, water becomes adaptable to any shape.

The Odaka community wants to spread a universal approach and unity of intent not only among Odaka Yoga teachers but among the different styles of yoga in the world, creating an international network of events, possibilities and mutual enrichment. *

* source: www.odakayoga.com