Oh, my darling Valentine!

Well-being cannot do without love: love dedicated to ourselves, to our loved ones, and to our most burning passions...

Exclusive – from February 12 to 17, 2024 – LOSTUDIOESSE has conceived two exclusive initiatives to allow both existing and new members to access the studio on Valentine’s Day!

For all New Entries, we have the Let’s Start Together | Oh, my darling Valentine! special package of 4 or 8 in-person classes, along with a special guest!

For those of you who have always wanted to start a journey with us, know that your four or eight lessons will automatically double if you decide to share them with your favorite person!

Click here to learn more, choose the Atelier, and invite your guest to start training together.

For those who are already part of the LOSTUDIOESSE Community, we have the fantastic Oh, my darling Valentine! format that allows those enrolled in our Ateliers to attend their usual classes by inviting a special guest.

Sign up now and start sharing moments of well-being with your favorite person, choose from the wide variety of disciplines offered by our studios.

For all members of the LOSTUDIOESSE Community who choose to bring a guest, there will also be the opportunity to attend a complimentary Reformer | Trio Small Group class at Atelier Manifattura Tabacchi, available by Thursday, February 29.

Click here to fill out the form with your favorite person’s details, send it, and receive your complimentary Reformer | Trio Small Group class at Atelier Manifattura Tabacchi!

Enjoy your Oh, my darling Valentine!

*promotions can be activated until saturday, february 17th.

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