Let's Open Atelier Manifattura Tabacchi

On Wednesday, October 25th, LOSTUDIOESSE inaugurated its new spaces within the eclectic complex of Manifattura Tabacchi.

With a vernissage rich in guests and good music, the entire LOSTUDIOESSE team toasted to this new season filled with important milestones and novelties.

Always convinced that the satisfaction of our students is our greatest source of pride, they have once again been our strongest advocates during the recent opening, marking the studio’s transition into the new spaces of Manifattura Tabacchi.

Throughout the years, LOSTUDIOESSE has become a fundamental reference point for kinesiology, posturology, and the psychophysical well-being of individuals in the city that, adorned by the families of Lorena and de’Medici, dressed itself as an international crossroads in beautiful Florence.

A well-established concept with which our team has boldly and knowingly decided to launch itself into creating a second Atelier, thanks to the experience gained over more than ten years with Atelier degli Artisti.

The evening of October 25th was also an opportunity to introduce to our guests all the disciplines we teach: our group and individual lessons in Pilates, Yoga, and Hypopressive Techniques are characterized by innovative protocols specifically designed to create workouts aimed at the psychophysical well-being of the individual.

Determined to expand the range of our offerings even in an area about which we initially knew little, we were delighted to discover the warm welcome of the inhabitants of the Puccini neighborhood – and those who work both inside and outside the former Manufacturing complex – who immediately showed a keen interest in our services, regarded by many as innovative within the territory.

A group of future students who, like us, appreciate the approach of a conscious choice to create the right synergy between well-being, self-care, and tranquility, significantly disconnecting from the stress of daily life.

Last but not least: the spaces where Atelier Manifattura Tabacchi of LOSTUDIOESSE is situated have all been recently renovated by the architects of Studio 10, who ingeniously interpreted the former industrial spaces to recreate the typical atmosphere of our studios. The occasion also provided an opportunity to rely on the skillful hands of the Tanini Home Furnishing Studio, which took care of supplying the accessories.