the pilates method

This revolutionary exercise programme takes its name from its inventor, Joseph Hubertus Pilates, whose brilliant insights gave birth to the method, a method that has strongly contributed to the current concept of movement and functional training.

Developed on the basis of six fundamental principles – and therefore on the synergy of mind and body at work as the only dynamic and well-functioning entity – the Pilates method makes the person aware of their body in stillness and in movement, improving their psychophysical balance and general well-being.

The constant and conscious involvement of deep muscles strengthens the body’s Powerhouse, provides great support for the spine, promotes correct posture, and gives grace and balance.

With only two weekly lessons – free body Matwork or with the help of large apparatus – the Pilates method guarantees an efficient body, slender legs, a flat stomach and significant lymphatic drainage.

Despite the fact that it is the discipline most practiced by the stars, who for years have testified to its effectiveness and benefits, its diffusion nowadays is across the board, because it is well suited to contemporary needs and lifestyle, working fast to build a beautiful and functional body.

pilates matwork

In Matwork, literally working on a mat, it is the body itself, with the force of gravity, that is the training medium and with which we are able to attain aesthetic and functional benefits without increasing muscle mass.
Among the small tools, used as teaching support – to facilitate understanding of the body in space and the correct execution of the exercises, to diversify the routine and make the training more intense and dynamic – are the magic circle, balls of various sizes, foam rollers, resistance bands and barrels.This class is suitable for those who want a harmonious silhouette, to improve general muscle tone, in particular that of the abdomen, legs and buttocks.

We suggest two weekly lessons or one to be done alongside other Pilates classes. There is no age limit.

pilates barre work

Pilates meets dance. The term Barre comes from the bar used as a support in classical dance classes. Modern Barre training techniques date back to Lotte Berk.
The class takes place first part at the Barre – movements particular to classical dance, which aim to improve circulation and oxygenation in all the muscle areas, prepare the joints adequately and activate the muscles of the lower limbs – Pilates exercises revisited standing and Matwork protocols for reinforcing the powerhouse.

The Barre class is perfect for those looking for better posture as well as a noticeable and rapid increase in the muscle tone of the legs and buttocks, without stagnation of liquids.

We suggest two weekly lessons or one to be done alongside other Pilates classes. There is no age limit.

pilates choreography

Coordination, balance, joint mobility, flexibility and muscle tone.
The Matwork exercises, connected in fluid motor arrangements, create real choreographic sequences with music.
Energetic, functional and effective classes that free the mind and build the body of a dancer.

Suitable for anyone who already has experience with Matwork and wants to challenge their motor skills through high intensity training.

We suggest a weekly class to be done alongside other Pilates classes.

cadillac / tower

The Cadillac or Rehabilitation Table, as J.H. Pilates called it, is one of the large pieces of apparatus designed to integrate with the Matwork programme and facilitate the learning of the exercises.
Through the constant resistance created by the springs, adjustable according to individual needs, the Cadillac enables intense work in a still position, involving all the muscle groups in a segmented fashion.

Designed to develop the body in space component of neuromuscular work in physiotherapy – facilitating the mobilization of the spinal column – it boasts applications and exercises that can be included in the general programme of postural re-education, toning and muscle strengthening.
It is also effective in the specific training of dancers and athletes.

We suggest two classes a week or one to be done alongside another Pilates class. There is no age limit.


Designed by the teacher Ellie Herman, the SpringboardTM is a trimmed down version of the Cadillac. The student’s autonomous management of the Springboard means you can perform almost the entire Cadillac exercise protocol in the classroom (up to 7 people), through fluid, energetic and fun sequences.

La SpringboardTM is very effective in postural and functional re-education as well as in toning, in particular of the lower and upper limbs.

We suggest two lessons a week or one to be done alongside other Pilates classes. There is no age limit.


Initially known as the Universal Reformer, it is the most well-known and used tool in the Pilates Method.
Its use is widespread, first because it is possibile to alter the resistance involved – consisting of body weight and the leverage of the springs – based on individual anthropometric characteristics, and second, it has a great variety of possible protocols.
The exercise programme, in fact, multiplies the possibilities of joint and muscular involvement, in relation to individual needs, ranging from work with the spinal column in release to an intense workout involving the movement of all muscle groups.

Flexibility, tone and muscle strengthening, in particular of the Powerhouse, are achievable in a short time with constant practice using the Reformer.

We suggest two lessons a week or one to be done alongside another Pilates class. There is no age limit.

big barrel

The Big Barrel, literally a large barrel with its hemicylindrical shape, does an excellent job of mobilizing the spine and stabilizing the joints through a whole body approach capable of involving all muscle chains.

We suggest a weekly lesson to be done alongside other Pilates classes.

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