The courses at Lostudioesse™ begin with an initial phase of getting to know the person, their physical characteristics and needs, in order to construct the best training programme to suit them.

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I. First assessment

At the first meeting, lasting 50 minutes, we collect clinical data and assess the needs of the person. During this session, we carry out a postural evaluation – in stillness and in movement – and functional tests, on the basis of which we set objectives and with them the most suitable discipline for their achievement.

II. Individual setting-up sessions

Following the initial assessment is a cycle of individual lessons (two are usually enough), during which we introduce the selected discipline and teach the basic exercises. A private lesson means the client is followed with the utmost attention in this important phase of learning the new technique and exercises in complete safety. At the end of this cycle of individual lessons, we agree on the training programme, weekly frequency, times and type of session:

  • private class – exclusive access to the teacher, with a programme tailored to the individual, independent of the level of preparedness.
  • duo – semi-private lessons, devoted to two people with an equal level of preparedness and common aims.
  • trio – three people with a similar level of preparedness and aims. The dynamics of comparison make the training stimulating and fun.
  • small classes (4 to 8 people) – designed to create a homogenous group – in level of preparedness (1, 2 and 3) and objectives – our class guarantees continuity in attendance and thus an excellent level of quality in an atmosphere full of energy.

Following this, through the systematic use of tests, objective evaluation and discussion with the client, we confirm the results achieved and identify the way forward together, with its new objectives.


Lostudioesse™ welcomes women of all ages to a dedicated space, where they can take care of themselves,  face themselves and recharge their energy, to reach harmony, beauty, elegance and efficiency.


pre- e

Lostudioesse™ offers specific multidisciplinary protocols for pregnant women. Since 2012 it has used Dr. Caufriez’s Hypopressive Technique as its exclusive postpartum methodology, with excellent results in the functional recovery of the abdominal wall and pelvic floor.



A strong, flexible and efficient body, achieved through a multidisciplinary approach that guarantees core tone, re-educates posture, prevents the onset of hernias and limits their development.

bambini e adolescenti


A programme of exercises effective in structuring the framework of the body and developing skills in coordination. It guarantees correct posture, strong and flexible muscles and is complementary to any sporting practice.


The gentle impact on the joints and the adjustable distribution of the workload make practicing our disciplines ideal for older people. The protocol of dedicated exercises improves perception of the body in space, concentration, motor control and balance, favoring physical and mental competence.

postural re-education

Lostudioesse™ offers a course in multidisciplinary postural re-education that starts from postural assessment and awareness of one’s own body to then continue with work specific to the diaphragm and with significant activation of all the postural muscles.

recupero funzionale

Our specialized staff in the outcomes of trauma, degenerative pathologies and postural disfunction care for the individual by establishing, in agreement with a specialist doctor, a programme of exercises to be followed progressively until there is complete functional recovery.

preventative / analgesic

A protocol of exercises for those who need to prevent and contain muscular-skeletal pain and urogenital symptoms.

preparazione atletica

A multidisciplinary training programme that focuses on postural muscles, stabilization of the core and of all joints. It is effective in improving the quality and economy of technical gestures, of performance, and prevents injury.



A protocol of exercises complementary to dance, improving the body’s framework and coordination. It improves joint mobility, flexibility, balance, the stabilisation of the core and all joints.

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