LOSTUDIOESSE Michele Chiossi, 2013   resine polimeriche, acciaio, car paint, neon

Michele Chiossi
polymer resins, steel, car paint, neon

A long, tree-lined avenue, an unexpected gift in the middle of the city, leads to a green door, the door to Lostudioesse™.

The Studio, Silvia Tozzi’s brainchild, is not far from Florence’s historic centre, in the artists’ district, on the top floor of a building typical of the early twentieth century.
The large windows let in the light for artists painting until the late afternoon. The views, which open onto small urban gardens, charming as much as they are unexpected, give an atmosphere to the surroundings that is full of light and warmth.

The gate that separates us from the entrance in via della Robbia is like a divide, a way to detachment from what we have left behind us, and prepares us to plunge into a new dimension.
From the garden, looking up, we catch sight of the back-lit logo LOSTUDIOESSE, the work of the artist Michele Chiossi (2013). Climbing the stairs, awaiting us on the landing, is the mocking and imposing sculpture by the Cracking Art Group (2010), The Blue Guardian, which has become one of the symbols of Lostudioesse.  
All-round beauty is a conscious choice; it creates the necessary harmony to work on ourselves.


the blue guardian del Cracking Art Group

Cracking Art Group
recycled plastic



Welcoming, the first word to come to mind to describe the atmosphere of the Studio. A continual change-over from those finishing a lesson and those about to start a new one, a sort of smooth rotation. A welcome that is never uncomfortable and never competitive.
We meet with a relaxed rhythm, we chat while drinking a tisane in the dedicated space, but then the lesson begins and there is no more playing around.


The lessons take place throughout the day, in different time slots. We agree with the teacher the ones that fit best with our commitments and in relation to the objectives of our individual paths.
The teachers are graduates in Motor Sciences and specialized in all the disciplines they teach.
The classes – divided by an individual’s level of preparation and often designed to encourage people to integrate and interact with one another – are very technical indeed, but also relaxing and fun.
By improving our ability to concentrate on the correct posture and execution of the exercises, we learn ever new ways of training.


This is a continuous investment in technical, emotional and relational skills. Spending time at the Studio is an opportunity to get in touch with your own body and with others in an authentic way.
There’s a phrase, by now a slogan, which hovers around new arrivals: Lostudioesse changes your life and your waist!

Dorotea Morabito

LOSTUDIOESSE Michele Chiossi, 2013   resine polimeriche, acciaio, car paint, neon

Michele Chiossi
top quality print, plexiglas, aluminum

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