Juliu Horvath

From a young age Juliu Horvath, a Hungarian who grew up in Romania, devoted himself to the practice of various sporting disciplines, including swimming, artistic gymnastics and rowing. At the age of 19 he became passionate about classical dance; he was already a solo dancer for the ballet company of Romanian Opera by the age of 20.

During a tour of Italy in 1970, he decided not to return to his homeland and moved to New York. With political asylum in the United States, he began dancing for the New York City Opera ballet company, before becoming Houston Ballet’s principal dancer. An injury to his Achilles tendon brought his career to a sudden close.

His experience as a dancer and athlete, the study and intensive practice of yoga, together with the desire to regain his physical shape, led Juliu to the development of an innovative Yoga for Dancers training system, which created the basis for what became Gyrokinesis®.

In 1980 Horvart began teaching his method in various New York studios, then opened his first White Cloud Studio.

The need to have a tool to support the teaching of Gyrokinesis®, guaranteeing the same freedom of movement, led Juliu to build his first apparatus, the Pulley Tower we know today, the origin of the Gyrotonic Expansion System®.

At first followed mainly by dancers, the system spread and then turned towards a much larger and more heterogeneous audience.

Even today, Juliu continues to study and build new teaching protocols, teaching his method all over the world, infecting his students with his enthusiasm and indomitable creativity.

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