The disciplines taught in the studio start from the concept of holistic movement, which considers the body as a functional unit. They work towards a greater awareness of body perception and, in consequence, improved psychophysical balance.

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Now known and practiced all over the world by people of all ages, these disciplines were born out of the personal history of those who devised them over the past century and then brought them into shape over the years, making them both usable and current. These are stories of intense humanity, great insight and powerful determination.

These techniques have revolutionized the approach of all the disciplines of movement, making a significant contribution to rehabilitation and physiotherapy, to the physical training of dancers and athletes in any sport, but also to the attainment of an ideal functional and aesthetic balance.


Pilates, the innovative exercise programme devised and developed by Joseph Hubertus in the early 1900s, consciously involves deep muscles and gives significant support to the spine, facilitating correct posture. It guarantees a beautiful, balanced, strong and efficient body.


These circular, fluid and continuous movements, developed in rhythmical, choreographic sequences by Juliu Horvath in the 1980s, lead to an increase in joint mobility, and the lengthening and strengthening of muscles through the structuring of a toned, supple and flexible body. The result is physical well-being, understood as an inseparable union between body and mind.

hypopressive techniques

This revolutionary global postural method, born in the 1990s from the insight of Dr. Marcel Caufriez, reactivates and tones the abdominal core and pelvic floor and rebalances the stability of the spinal column; it is extremely effective in postural re-training, postpartum recovery, the treatment of uro-genital symptoms, the management of herniated discs.

vinyāsa yoga & meditation

Movement and meditation have a common space in this fluid and dynamic yoga class, leading participants to test and overcome their physical and mental limitations.

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